Sunday School

The Sunday School program reflects the values and beliefs of the Temple Society as a whole, and aims to give children:

  • a background knowledge of the main stories of the Bible
  • a basic knowledge of Christian values
  • some background understanding of the Temple Society and its history

This allows children to make their own decisions about religion, Christianity and the Temple Society later in their lives.

Sunday School is held at the same time as the religious services that are held regularly in our community centres.  It is aimed at children from kindergarten age and upwards. The activities are varied and held in a relaxed environment.

Dates & Locations

There are no upcoming dates for the confirmation program at this time.

For more information or to express your interest, please contact the Temple Society Office


We recognise that as children move into adulthood, they also start a journey of inquiry and self-discovery in all aspects of life. The confirmation program is designed to enhance this experience by introducing and considering concepts of religion, spirituality and Templer Christian philosophy. As we have no fixed statements of faith, the teenagers are encouraged to think for themselves, developing their own philosophical understandings.

Sessions are held over a number of months, incorporating a variety of interactive and thought-provoking elements. These culminate in a ceremony signifying the completion of the program, and celebrating the teenagers' transition to adulthood.

Further information

Please contact the Temple Society Office