Templer Reflections

In this edition of Templer Reflections we look at Sustainability.

To make it a truly Templer edition, we asked several members if they would like to contribute. The result is a collection of articles authored by Mark Herrmann, Irene Bouzo, Renate Beilharz, Lisa Beilharz, Gary Schulz, Paul Katz, Tania Richter, and as editors we have each included our thoughts.

There is also a special feature on Paul Haar, CERES Community Environment Park and its social enterprises, as well as articles from Karin and Jörg Klingbeil.

As you read them, you may note a consistent theme observed – the sustainable practices that Templers embraced throughout the history of our Community.

This sustainability presented itself in many ways, be that thriftiness, recycling or repurposing of old to new, sustainable farming practices, the list is endless. It only takes a visit to the Tatura Irrigation and Wartime Camps Museum to see that Templers could turn a dab hand to anything when they set their minds to it. This ethos still lives on in our community today and is one of the many attributes that makes our Community what it is.

Renate Weber and Theo Richter, Editors

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